Choosing The Right Fragrance For The Occasion.

Recently, I took the elevator in my apartment to go down and a lady from a different floor joined me a few minutes after. A few moments after she said, “what a pleasant fragrance, is it you?” Sheepishly I said “yes”. The rest of my trip looking to stock up on groceries felt pleasant and confident.

Having A Pleasant Smell Is Important For Men As Well

So, you see my fellow gentlemen, having a pleasant smell will boost your confidence level and puts you in a good mood, especially when a lady compliments you. Taking libido booster for men is important but so as your smell.

This is why it matters.

Fragrance Says A Lot About You And Your Style

Putting on a fragrance does more than just make you smell good, it will also tell you about who you are and what your style is.

Despite this, there are still many of us, men, not wearing any fragrance. Not to mention when attending events, the gall I tell you.

I believe the reasoning behind this is that most men are not exposed to such knowledge as many of us find it a challenge to our manliness due to the reason the fragrance industry is mostly dominated by women. As such, men often view the knowledge on the said matter unnecessary. 

It is time we broaden and change our view. As it is now no less important than hygiene care. And we will provide you with knowledge.

Why You Should Wear Fragrance

Putting on fragrance, as I mentioned earlier, will increase your self-confidence in general and when you are with a lady. It will also increase your attractiveness, there is a reason for this.

According To Research 

According to European research, while visual cues are the main factor for men in choosing a woman, the women on the other hand scent is the deciding factor when choosing a man. So simply put, men use their eyes, and women use their nose in picking a partner.

Also proven that women have a more developed and acute sense of smell than men, thus why scent is the deciding factor for women in choosing a man. Plus, the fact is women’s noses are fine-tuned to be sensitive to male pheromones. And us, men, the pheromones, and the fragrance are combined together will result in an attractive sexual and memorable scent. And what follows afterward, of course, is where we men display our male libido strength and knowledge how to last longer in bed will put into use.

Allows To Connect At Emotional Level

Indeed smell is the most powerful sense, research shows that it is 150.000 times more powerful than vision. Our sense of smell is capable of detecting and differentiating over a trillion unique odors. Through smell also certain memories and feelings can be triggered. Hence, if you coincidentally wear a fragrance that is familiar, it will create a sense of comfort and familiarity between the two of you.

The Types Of Fragrances

Now, before you get all fancy with the fragrances, you should know that there are a few types of fragrances and each has its own purposes.

The fragrance is the universal, general term yet there many types of it:

Eau Fraiche

This type of fragrance is the most diluted, the content is usually 1-3% perfume oil in alcohol and water. It only lasts for less than an hour. So it would be perfect for making a good first impression when you enter a meeting room, a date, or hopping from a social gathering to another.

Eau De Cologne

A fragrance with a masculine scent to it. Tend to have light, fresh and fruity scents. It is usually composed of 2-4% perfume oil in alcohol and water. Typically used by young adults and teens. Lasts for 2 hours, usually. So if you are heading out for a long date night or going to be attending social gathering events, eau de cologne will be perfect for you. Giving off pleasant scents to people around you throughout the duration.

Eau De Toilette

A light spray with the composition of 5-15% pure perfume essence dissolved in alcohol. It will usually last for 3 hours. A perfect company if you’re heading to the one and only event for the day.

Eau De Parfum

The genderless or unisex term for a fragrance that can be use b by both genders. It is composed of 15-20% perfume essence. It can last 5 to 8 hours. If you are attending an event that will take a whole or going to the office, then this type will be a perfect fit.


The term is derived from an altered Latin phrase; per fumum meaning through smoke. This type is the most concentrated and expensive in fragrance products. It’s composition consists of 20-30% perfume essence and it feels a tad oilier. A single application can last for 24 hours. So, if planning to jump straight into a date after work then it’ll be a perfect company for you.

A Spray Now, A Better Day For You

Thus why putting on a fragrance or cologne (now that you know about them) is just as important for men. It boosts your attractiveness, and confidence in the eyes of the general public, not just the ladies. It will also invoke a comforting feeling to the people around you. However, if you put on too much of it, it may cause discomfort as the scent might come off as too strong and suffocating. So be mindful of the application.

Also, make sure you use the suitable cologne for each occasion that you will attend to. It will impress the ladies even before you show off how to last longer in bed skills.

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