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Does Doing Exercise Affect Men’s Sexual Health?

Many of us men exercise vigorously to attain the ideal body shape and powerful male libido. But does it really help with our men’s sexual health

The Truth Of Things

Yes, exercising and training our body physically does have its perks. But according to research; over-exercising brings a negative impact on sexual performance and male libido.

Physical exercises do have a positive impact on our health (I can vouch for this, first-hand experience). You will see an increase in your stamina, both in and outside of the bed. And combined with the knowledge on how to last longer in bed, you will go extra miles. Even an extra round.

But, like everything in this world, overdoing it will impact your sexual health in the long run. But you can try taking men’s sexual health supplements to maintain your libido.

According To The Past Study

Previously, this study mainly focused on female athletes. Where they discovered that female marathon runners developed menstrual cycle dysfunctions due to overly strenuous training for hours. That caused them to feel lethargic most of the times and this affects a woman’s desire for sexual intercourse and the ability to conceive.

Yet, the effects of such rigorous activities on male libido, and fertility is less known on men. As mentioned in earlier paragraphs, a moderate amount of physical exercise will indeed increase your testosterone and gives you an extra push in bed.

But some researches found that too much exercise can lead to a decrease in men’s libido. The irony.

The research was based on men’s sexual health and behavior, for example, how often men engage in sexual intercourse in a week/month. The answer will then correlate with other queries; are you active in sports? How often do you workout? Included were general health and medical history.

The result is indeed surprising as they discovered that those who moderately workout are more active in engaging sexual behavior. While the group who works out a lot resulted in low sexual activity

The reason for low in male libido in this latter group, according to Professor Anthony Hackney, is likely because of fatigue and lower testosterone levels after strenuous physical exercise. However, he and his colleagues yet to identify at which point an exercise becomes too strenuous to a point it will have a negative impact instead of the opposite. Due to that, he hopes to research further so that it can be pinpoint when an exercise becomes so strenuous it affects men’s sexual health negatively.

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