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Foods that Can Improve Your Sex Life?

It’d probably come out if there is proof that a single food could boost your libido, strength or sexual pleasure and promote men enhancement. All can improve your sexual life through a balanced diet, active lifestyle and good mental health. Why, is there a known aphrodisiac in any individual food?

Ingredients which trigger endorphines, contain nutrients linked to a strong sex drive, or simply relate to richness and success are often referred to as libido boosters. libido boosters. Let’s look at the history and science behind the idea and see if any of the ingredients will actually make your love life better.

Eating oysters works

It is said that Casanova has eaten 50 breakfast oysters, but unfortunately there has been no evidence that they have a strong connection to increased sex drive. So what was the speculation about? League says that as a Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was raised, she rose up from the sea to make seafood an aphrodisiac. Good news is, however: the oysters are full of zinc, an essential element for the production of testosterone. Research has shown that zinc can treat male infertility and increase the quality of the sperm.

Other shellfish, red meat, corn, hemp and sesame, nuts such as cassas, almonds, sugar legumes are good sources of zinc.

Dark chocolate can make you a better lover

During the first few months of a relationship, eating dark chocolate will mimic the initial high of dropping loving, some say because it contains’ heart chemical’ Phenylethylamine (PEA). In the fun center of the brain, PEA activates dopamine. Nevertheless, chocolate contains only very small amounts of PEA, and there is uncertainty whether it is active when eaten. The blood flow of cocoa is also said to increase

So when did the chocolate / sex relationship begin? The first Spanish explorer to find chocolate in Europe, Hernan Cort├ęs, wrote to Spain’s King Carlos I that he saw the Maya drinking chocolate, which’ creates resistance and battles tiredness’ in Spain. Unfortunately the Spaniards may have attributed chocolate medical benefits to the Mayan people, and there is no evidence to support their use as an aphrodisiac.

Tryptophan also has sources such as: salmon, eggs, poultry, spinach, seeds, ovules, nuts and soy products.

Chillies spice up sex life

 Hot chillies contain capsaicin, which can be shown to cause the’ chilli high’ release of endorphins. It also speeds the metabolism of your body and increases the temperature and heart rate of your sex. Perhaps after cooking, however, wash your hands!

Alcohol Helps or prevents sex drive

Alcohol can stimulate desire by reducing inhibition, but it “provokes desire, but it destroys performance,” as Macbeth says while intoxicated. Sensitivity is also caused by too much alcohol in both men and women, and can reduce the sex drive or impotence in severe cases over time.

Reduction of erectile dysfunction

Research has found a lower risk of erectile dissuasion (ED) in eating foods rich in certain flavonoids (plant power). The research found that one flavonoid, anthocyanin found in blueberries and other citrus fruit, can prevent ED. Higher overall consumption of fruit is related to a 14% reduction in ED risk. Combined foods and exercise that are high in flavonoids can reduce the risk by 21%. Tuck in that bowl of fruit!

Knowing the aphrodisiac

According to Aphrodite, the aphrodisiacs are called. The three groups can be divided into: libido, strength and sexual pleasure. Because of the difficulty of measuring success, none has been scientifically proven to work on people. Indeed, the only aphrodisiac that is shown to work in male fruit flies, is the scent of the mellow and rotten fruits.

Most aphrodisiacs are healthy foods, but plant extracts and substances should be kept clear when they are not safe.

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