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Foods that Improves Sex Drives

Repeat often this feeling: it’s not always a meal, or even an ingredient that will change your life (or your libido or promote men enhancement), but consistent choices in healthy living. It means a daily diet of actual, full food. So eat plenty of fat, lean protein and colorful carbohydrates. It also means that your blood sugar is not too small and that you are eating regular meals. All right, I said my game, the fun part now.

Sure, if food is currently low, it can play a role in increasing and enhancing your sex drive.

 Some of my highlights are here. But note, eating these once or a few times won’t change your game.

 Maca Powder

In the Incan culture, Maca powder A plant born throughout Peru has been used almost always for medicinal purposes. Yet, for some of the hormonal advantages, its image has been “enhanced” in recent years. Although work on the theme of libido enhancement is still scientific, I know many people (including me) who felt the benefits personally.


Think of it as a fruit queen because it is often called “real Viagra.” It includes citrulline, which is a drug that helps the body relax blood vessels and, at the same time, increases blood flow.

 Dark Chocolate

You’re welcome, dark chocolate! In fact, however, chocolate does contain phenyl thylamine, a compound that causes endorphins to be released. Endorphins are the fun hormones after a great training. Chocolate is also responsible for the release of good dopamine which is a neurologic transmitter that sends a message to your brain that “all of this is good.”


Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, strong dopamine and arginine, an essential amino acid that produces more oxide, also improve healthy fats. Nitric oxide release relaxes blood vessels and enhances circulation.

 Pumpkin Seeds

Kürbis grains Your body’s healthy zinc level is vital for so many processes. Age included. Sex included. Zinc is often said to be the primary mineral of sex. Why does this happen? Since zinc will increase the testosterone concentrations. Ladies, testosterone is important for us to be well. Not for people alone.

 Grass-fed steak

Another winner due to the popular sex mineral–zinc. grass-fed steak A mighty source of zinc is red meat. Rind is also high in iron that contributes to the transport of oxygen by red blood cells, which gives you energy. An additional bonus is that the B vitamins are high.


Eggs are a source of high protein and contain many nutrients. But, especially in men one essential amino acid, L-arginine, may enhance sex hormones. Hormones and tension, both essential to a healthy sexual activity, should be balanced by the eggs.

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