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Foods You Should Not Take Before Making Love

While experts claim that dark chocolates, oysters and avocados act as a libido booster for men. Although their effects don’t kick in right away, protect yourself from such sex and stop pre-lovemaking with these lesser-known anti-aphrodisiacs.

Hot Dogs

While this favorite festival is definitely a tempting treat, it’s not a good-time promise to nosh on wieners. The high saturated fat content of the summer favorite clogs the penile and vaginal arteries, producing not – so-prime sexy-time conditions. Experts suggest fish tacos for a safer handheld treat. The omega-3 fatty acids support the cardiovascular system, which is a bonus for sexual excitement.


Bad breath can be a turn-off, but freshening it up may not help your sack situation. It has been shown that the menthol in peppermint decreases testosterone levels, causing a plummeting sex drive. Chomping on peppermint-flavored gum means more bad news, as chewing brings air into your system which makes you burp. While moans and grunts can improve sex, belches are better left out of the soundtrack. If before a romp, mint is a must, try peppermint tea. Experts claim it is relatively low in menthol and it’s better for digestion than gum.

Tonic Water

If your favorite cocktail is gin and tonic, you might want to save it for nights when nookie is not on the menu. Experts say bubbly drinks, including soda and seltzer, will make you gassy and bloated (not a sexy combo!). Experts note that quinine— the ingredient that gives its bitter taste to tonic water— may temporarily lower testosterone levels and even sperm counts, bad news for anyone trying to get pregnant. Switch to unsweetened tea for a healthier drink, which enhances the mood, increases concentration and encourages better blood flow across the body, an ideal setup for women.

French Fries

Want some fries with that? If you’re hoping to get lucky, your man’s response should be “no.” As with hot dogs, testosterone levels and circulation can be negatively affected by the trans-fat in fries. The high salt content of Fries can also make remaining upright for men with high blood pressure more difficult. The sodium can trigger the not – so-sexy feeling of bloating for safe people. When you love potatoes, instead, eat a fried one. It activates the chemical dopamine that feels good, thereby enhancing the time between the sheets.


Talk of taming your tofu habit, for tonight at least. Despite high quantities of plant-based phytoestrogens, many soy-based foods will raise levels of estrogen. And in men and women excess testosterone is a sex-drive stealer. Whip up some eggs, as a vegetarian-friendly option. The breakfast favorite, rich in vitamins B5 and B6, battles stress and balances the hormones for a healthy libido.

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