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Men’s Hygiene: Grooming Below The Belt

Now we may have seen a lot of hygiene products advertisements for women’s private areas fly around on the televisions, Facebook, Instagram etc. And this somehow has made us men have this mindset that only women should take care of it, not us men. 

Well, my friends, we were clearly wrong to think that way. Modern women are unlike the women in the past, they are wiser in choosing and also in commenting on things. Things like men’s hygiene care, their downstairs. Sure taking male enhancement pills is important but your lil buddy’s hygiene is important too.

Oh, yes, they will make comments such as “smells a bit stuffy down here isn’t it?” Or “Someone hasn’t been taking care of his pipe.” Some women will outright up and leave the bed, leave you hanging (literally).

So it is no point if you know how to last longer and have strong male libido if you can’t use it. All because you are not taking care of your downstairs department.

But don’t worry, because there is a very ballsy product for men out on the market. Made specifically for below the belt care and grooming. Ensuring it is all hale and healthy down there.

The Ballsy Men’s Product

I’m not talking bollocks, I’m dead serious. They are called Below The Belt Grooming For Men, yes, the product is very self-explanatory and literal. Designed specifically for men’s exterior piping system care.

Below The Belt Grooming For Men has different types of care and grooming. Each with it’s on purpose and end for below the belt care. The Sports Lubricant prevents sporty chafing that often happens to active and sporty men. Fresh & Dry Balls (well, the name says it all) is an instant antiperspirant for the fruits. And lastly, the Award-winning Instant Clean Balls

Instant Clean Balls is a kind of magic spray that instantly cleans you down there by the end of a sticky day. Yes, in an instant, I’m not pulling at your knockers, men.

A little thought will come into play in our mind, what in the hell is wrong with sweating down there, it is only natural to sweat. This only adds more to the male insecurities that are already circling fast in your mind. 

Well, then, I’d imagine the smell down there wouldn’t be so…fresh after all. Especially after a day at the gym, no? And women will say if men can have a say and comment about the same nonsense about women, why can’t they do the same as well? 

Don’t want to create a fire on a perfectly fine night, don’t we? Plus, if us men are feeling chafed and uncomfortable down there, isn’t this a good thing for us after all? Feeling all pleasant and raring to go all night long.

And now, we don’t feel insecure and worry about getting rejected on the bed anymore now that we have a clean and fresh smelling down under.

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