What Soon-To-Be Dads Need to Know

The idea of being a dad is scary. Your daddy role does not start when you’re baby arrives but it’s from them moment you knew about it. Being a good dad is important but being good to your partner is just as equal.

Pregnancy is a two-way person thing (or 3 including the baby but I’m not sure). But, what I know is, its between mommy and daddy. Because getting pregnant is, not mommy’s job only. What you think taking libido booster for men could lead to? Dealing with a pregnant woman is hard. It’s like you’re walking on a thin line. So, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Cravings

A pregnant woman has insane cravings. Sometimes, the cravings can be so bizarre that you question your baby’s appetite. It may be a hassle but you should just be patient. Because she’s carrying your baby and a happy tummy equals a happy mommy.

2. Weight

Pregnant women gain 25-35 pounds during their pregnancy. Sometimes it can be depressing for your partner and this is where you play a role. Your pregnant partner is burning a lot of additional calories, so she has to eat more. Plus, she also needs to feed the baby in her tummy. What you can do as a partner is making sure she’s getting enough nutrients but not too much. This is because your partner’s health is important and gaining to much weight will give complications to your wife during the labor.

3. Body ache

Carrying a baby is not hard. It’s like carrying a sandbag on your belly for 9 months. So, you’ll be hearing a lot of complaints. Don’t be mad. It’s literally hard to even lay down. Give her massages to help her move better.

4. Insane amount of pillows

In the third trimester of her pregnancy, you may start to realize that your bed is filled with pillows. That’s okay. Remember that her comfort is important. Pregnancy is both beautiful and uncomfortable. Maybe you can need to squeeze yourself in your own bed but hey, as long as she’s good.

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