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Why Mental Health is Important for Men

There is a lot of gender stereotypes for both men and women. But today, we’re going to talk about men’s gender stereotype.

According to statistics, men are more prone to commit suicide than women. You know why? Because men are pushed to not show any weakness. Women, can cry and wail their hearts out but men can’t even openly expose their own insecurities without being called a wuss.

Real men don’t cry is stupid. Real men cry. Realy men should be able to express their thought, weakness, and anxieties. Society pushes men to act tough because we’ve soiled out thinking with you’re not a man if you’re not tough.

There are different types of courage in this world. Bravery is not when you didn’t blink when a gun is pointing at your head. Bravery is admitting you’re wrong, standing up to yourself, protecting the ones you love, being able to express yourself. If you want to cry then cry if you’re having a hard time then tell a friend. Bottling up your feelings will not bring you any good.

Instead, it’ll eat you up and all you left is with an empty shell that’s broken inside. Taking all these men’s health multivitamins to take care of your health is good but you need to know that mental health is just as important.

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